Why is UAE the best place for Real Estate Investment?

The UAE is now one of the best places where investors can look to for real estate investments. Perhaps you are looking to move into a new property abroad, or maybe you want to buy whilst living in a different country, whether you plan to purchase as an investment through the REIT’s scheme or otherwise, the UAE may be your calling for real estate investment.

This surge in solid real estate investments and REIT’s within the UAE is partly down to the Dubai real estate investment opportunities. Investment experts have been making it clear that now is the ideal time to consider buying property in Dubai. Not only are there some very strong prices that will be attractive to buyers whether they are purchasing as REITS or not, but there are also other changes being made that help make buying in Dubai seem like a sensible option. For example, the countries government will help improve the situation further when it brings in the proposed ten-year visas, company ownership and new retirement visas.

Also, to consider is Dubai Marina, which has a high rent yield of near six per cent, the same to be said for JLT and The Springs. It is fair to say the UAE has some of the highest returns on investments.

To put into perspective the strong position the UAE stands in, just last year a report ranked the nation second in the world to invest in property. It was behind only the Philippines in terms of average rental yield. Overall, rent yield remains high when compared to the global average. It is Dubai and Abu Dhabi that actually offer rental yields more than double of what is offered by other major cities such as New York, London and Paris. There is a downward trend active worldwide regarding prices and rents, but the UAE real estate is still able to produce some of the biggest returns in the world.

 And Dubai Marina has the top spot for purchasing apartments in the city. Dubai Marina proved to be the most searched for area in flats sale and in particular, Marina Diamonds was the building name with the most searches.

It is believed that the positive outlook on the nation’s investment openings should remain for the foreseeable future, however, it is worth keeping in mind that renters can take advantage of this current climate to negotiate lower costs with landlords or even talk about a size upgrade. After all, it is when the prices are falling that it is often the ideal time to upgrade to a bigger property or move to a normally more expensive area. You should find some very good deals at the moment, so do plenty of research and see what attractive offers are floating around, there may be good offers from brokers that will mean you can purchase with lower substantial discounts on maintenance costs and agency fees.

It should go without saying that all investment opportunities in UAE carry risk, and nothing is a guaranteed and the same has to apply for buying real estate, even in a stronger location like the UAE. But if you do your research, plan well, find a property that suits your criteria, when all is said and done, purchasing property in the UAE is one of the best regions you could do so in.

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