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Generally soft silk sarees have their unique part in south Indian ceremonies and special occasions. Indeed, it is considered as a traditional dress code for Indian women. Who can make a dispute on the fact wearing soft silk attire is a traditional style of women and they are the essential golden collection in the wardrobe of every woman. Since the earlier age of sarees, silk clothing has been in use and it is being in trend these days.

Your perfect pure silk collections

Of course, all women love wearing sarees, especially silk attires. You might have noticed that your mother and grandmother have been in the habit of maintaining their silk outfits as the most precious collections. Have you ever thought what would be the reasons behind that? Many – a few are tradition, modernity, culture, elegance and grace. So there is no surprising that these clothing is still appreciated and hence adored in various designs and styles.

Silk is always known for its luxury nature and there are more types of silk sarees available in India. Most stores provide comprehensive and sophisticated ranges of soft silks. Of course, customers would always be delighted if they are offered with excellent color combinations, best fabric, different patterns and best styles.

Kanchipuram Silk

It is a special quality silk that is made up of fine quality silk thread in Kanchipuram village, Tamil Nadu. In general, original kanchipuram soft silk sarees are woven with three different silk threads. And if you look for creative designed clothing, it may take a few months for the persons to finish and weave. The kanchipuram silk definitely has its tradition among the brides to make the occasions auspicious.

The captivating colors that come with these attires can speak for their richness and they make the women look gorgeous and make the perfect clothing for wonderful functions such as wedding, celebrations, parties and festivals.

Most sarees come with wide contrast borders and carry traditional patterns and designs on them. Some of these patterns include floral or buttas, stripes, temple borders and checks.

This soft silk that is woven with gold cloth and heavy silk is truly a pride for the people to wear on traditional occasions. The process of weaving silk is a long and delicate one. These clothing generally have thick golden border designs and that is the best reason for its elegance.

Banarasi Silk

Banarasi silk which is being made in Varanasi city also has the name of Banaras. So is that clear how these clothing have got its name? They are the wonderful attires best known for their gold and silver zari, fine silk material and rich embroidery. They are popular all over the world and are renowned for their unparalleled beauty and lustrous features. If you look at Banarasi soft silks for weddings, usually the collections will have intricate designs and will be royal works.

As said, the gold and silver zari will certainly make these collections as perfect bridal attires. If you would like to walk out in Indian traditional style then the widest range of Banarasi silk collections will get you covered. Why don’t think of a mesmerizing gift? Banarasi soft silk sarees will do that. A simple function or grandeur occasions, they are quite economical collections, however give the sheen of silk material for a richer look. If you really want to stand out in the crowd, don’t forget to have banarasi silk in your wardrobe.

Tussar silk

Looking for collections which are specifically designed to have a special appearance for women and have a wonderful ethnic feel? Tussar silk offers you that chance. These are the clothing renowned for its positivity and freshness exuded by the textured golden design. In general, print motifs and embroideries in the collection have their inspiration from nature. The soft feel and golden shade in the tussar silk favors for the exclusive look that every woman wishes to have.

If you are the woman who loves to experiment new styles and bring something new to your style and look, then these are the attires you should definitely have a try. Accentuate your attire collection with refined collections of tussar silk outfits that come with the best of textured designs and attractive colors. In fact, being a saree lover, you won’t deny that tussar is the most loved silk fabrics around the world. There are so many online sellers and showrooms that try to quench the fashion thirst of women with the finest range of threads and best woven, unique and presented with silky layers of tussar.

Art Silk

As the name indicates this is an artificial silk that most often captures the eyes of viewers as a real silk saree. These soft silk sarees are mostly preferred by those who don’t want to spend too much money on expensive silk sarees but want to present them in a graceful manner as the silk material does. Getting manufactured by synthetic fibers that almost resemble the silk material, these outfits are most economical to buy.

These modern days, we could see a wide popularity for the demand of artificial or imitation fabrics because of their availability and numerous uses. The major materials that are used in manufacturing soft silk art sarees are polyester, rayon and mercerized cotton. Although the unique place of natural silk can’t be replaced by artificial material still these clothing have their prestige in the fashion world. So, do you need an answer for a grandeur look of a silk saree, fancy art soft silk sarees are the best one. The light and comfortable that comes with art silk which is also easy to carry constitutes the major reasons to buy art silk collections by contemporary women.

Style yourself in wonderful and captivating silk attires and complete your look with suitable accessories, jewels, watch and handbag. So, hope you have found this guide useful to know about different silk collections. Probably this can assist you in finding the right attire for your great ceremonies.

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