What Makes India Worth Traveling?

Lets check out whether INDIA is worth visiting for a tourism loving person or not. We all know about what India is famous for and that is its diversity in various things. I would rather say INDIA is under rated in terms of tourism I had visited certain places and what I found was that other countries had maintained themselves in such a manner that a normal person on visiting such places gets easily impressed but here coming to India I don’t think we are good enough in maintaining but we are much much rich in terms of history, climate and culture (which are main factors influencing tourism) we fail to maintain but still we are getting a lots and lots of tourism and that is quite impressive. It also depends upon the eye with which we are looking at the things try to look India in a very positive manner no country could be seen better than it. I personally feel that we cannot completely analyse a country until its our habitat and we know about each of its corner.

Now I am quoting certain points which make India the best destination :-

Food diversity-

As many states as much variety of food somewhere too spicy and somewhere too sweet and overall for a food traveler the perfect place to visit.

Lifestyle diversity –

Coming to culture diversity we people have modern lifestyles which shoulder to shoulder compete with western lifestyle and we do also have tribal people.

Culture diversity –

A lot many different culture we do have , I don’t think any other country can even think of offering.

Religion diversity-

Religion is never a factor to illustrate any of thing but the point is presence of many religion means different religious practices different religious places to visit and a lot of recreation for a tourist to look at different ways by which people worship the same god.

Language diversity-

It is very common for a country to have 1 or 2 languages as there mode of communication but we people are so,, that we have different language in different state which makes it very unique out of all countries.

Climate diversity-

we do offer every possible environment to our travelers they can demand for almost any of its type for cold climate we jammu, kashmir , himachal, etc for rainy and clear climate we have tamil nadu, kerala, etc for natural beauty we have 7 sisters , for deserts we have rajasthan and for green arena we have punjab and haryana.


Gurtej Singh
Travel Experience
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