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Vienna, the capital of Austria is a very popular tourist destination, and for numerous good reasons. The city is full of life, stunning scenery, a myriad of different buildings from another era, as well as countless opportunities to have fun. Each year, more and more people venture to Wien to explore what the city has to offer. Because of this, Vienna is among the most visited places in all of Europe. And we can’t blame all those people for wanting to experience all the fun the city has to offer.

In this tourist guide, we will showcase some of the best and most recommended places in Vienna. You will find something that you can do with the whole family, as well as places that should rather be visited alone. Regardless of what you are looking for, this article will give you some of the most important landmarks and places that will ensure a fun day and night. If you wish to learn which establishments and landmarks we are recommending, be sure to stick around till the end of the guide! Without further ado, here are some of the best and must-see places in the glorious city of Wien.

Schönbrunn Zoo

The Schönbrunn Zoo is the oldest and among the most beautiful zoos in the world, so experiencing it while in Vienna is highly recommended. The zoo has been included into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and it received the award for Europe’s best zoo for five years in a row. With over 700 species to observe, 8,500 individual animals, area span of 17 hectares and many fun activities, the Schönbrunn Zoo is definitely a place that you will not want to miss on your visit to Vienna.

Visitor of the Schönbrunn Zoo can watch all sorts of exotic and rare animal species while learning interesting and educational facts about them. This makes the Schönbrunn Zoo an extremely good place to visit with a family, as everybody is definitely going to have fun. The zoo is also equipped with all the facilities that are necessary for a family with smaller children.

Along the way while exploring the zoo, you will find food and drink kiosks, some souvenir shops, and you and your loved ones can even enjoy a tour of the zoo via the Schönbrunn Panorama Train. The train ride takes about 45 minutes and you can take in the breathtaking scenery and watch fascinating animals along the way.

Visiting the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna is among the highest rated activities for tourists. Over two million people explore it yearly and for a very good reason. If you are interested, be sure to take a look at the official website of Schönbrunn Zoo for more information!


The Naschmarkt is Austria’s biggest and most popular produce market. It has been established back in the 16th century when local farmers and other vendors started selling their wares. Since then, it has been renovated a couple of times, but it has still kept its history and charm.

The Naschmarkt serves locals and tourists alike, as many Vienna residents visit this market for their daily shopping. The market offers various types of food stalls, exotic and fresh fruits, spices and ingredients from other countries as well as numerous exceptional restaurants where you can eat and relax. Along the Naschmarkt you can also try some traditional Austrian cuisines served in one of the local restaurants. In addition to the food, you can also observe the gorgeous buildings and landmarks that are laid down along the road. This all makes the Naschmarkt one of Vienna’s finest landmarks.

The Naschmarkt should be visited in the morning or in the afternoon, as it is a daytime market. Additionally, the market is the most interesting on Saturdays, as in addition to the produce market, the end of the market is extended and turned into a flea market.

Vienna State Opera

The Wiener Staatsoper or Vienna State Opera is one of the busiest and most popular opera houses in the world. With over 350 performances and 60 different ballets and operas each year, it is not a rare sight to see different shows each night playing in the Vienna State Opera. There have been many extremely talented musicians and performers on the stages of the building over the years, including the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Watching one of the plays that are shown at the Vienna State Opera is definitely going to be a one of a kind experience. Because of this, we are highly recommending visiting Vienna’s opera house at least once on your visit.

There are many interesting things that have happened in the Vienna State Opera over the many years that it has been open for the public. For example, on the building’s 140th anniversary, the management of the Vienna State Opera put up huge screens on the side of the building broadcasting operas and plays to anybody walking along Kärntner Straße. If you wish to see which upcoming operas or ballets are going to be shown at the Vienna State Opera, be sure to take a look at the official website now!


Located very close to the Vienna State Opera, Maxim is a nightclub where tourists and locals can go in to have some fun with one or more ladies. Being one of the only traditional night and erotic clubs in the city, Maxim is highly recommended for those who want to let off some steam at the end of a hard and exhausting day.

There is no entry fee into the club; you just have to pay for the drinks that you’re going to consume and the ladies for their services. Inviting the ladies for a chat and a drink is a great way to get to know them better. Once you are certain that a particular girl is the right for you, you can proceed to a private room to experience what the lady has to offer. Maxim is also a great place for couples who wish to broaden their erotic experiences.

With a professional staff, gorgeous girls and good facilities, this establishment is among the best places for those who want to experience Vienna’s naughty side. Maxim has been praised online and we can safely recommend it too. If you’re interested in learning more about the Maxim nightclub or you want to take a closer look at the ladies who work there, be sure to visit the official Maxim website!

Summary Hopefully this article will serve as a great guide for some of the best places to visit in Wien. Choosing any (or all) of the places that have been listed here is definitely going to result in a good time. Of course, some of the entries might be better enjoyed with a family, while others are definitely recommended to be visited alone. Regardless of what your preferences are, you are surely going to find something that you can enjoy in the capital of Austria.

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