Useful Tips to find best Hotels for your Family Trips

All of us would like to travel to beautiful destinations with our family for vacations. Vacations are times with your family to spend time together, to explore new places, try new things and have great fun together. Choosing the right destination for your family would be the first thing you would do. The next thing after making your choice of destination, choice of the best hotel for your family would be of prime importance. To get the most of vacations, choice of hotels plays a key role in determining your comfort quotient.

Refine your search

Where do you want to stay?

To choose the best hotel rightly suited to you is a challenging task. You need to keep your priorities clear. First you must decide whether you want to spend your time by the beaches, mountains, city, lake, island or other places you wish to. If you want to spend your vacation on the mountains, then you can surf the internet for family friendly hill destinations or resorts across the globe. It makes the selection process easy when you filter your search.

Age factor of kids or teens

You must take into consideration the ages of your kids while deciding on the type of hotel you want to choose. If your kid is a toddler, you must look out for hotels with Baby Care services.  For school going and teenage children, you can look out for hotels offering kid`s dining options, kid`s club, kid`s pool, other amusements solely for your children.

You should see if hotels have connecting rooms for your children and you, to share privacy and better comfort. You should see whether the hotel is close to amusement parks, Shopping Malls or theme parks for your children to have easy access and good enjoyment.

Kids and children`s activity

Family friendly resorts provide a lot of entertainment for kids and children like snorkeling, video games, dancing, paddling and many more. You should check out for children`s activity in family friendly resorts or hotels whether they have them.

Do you want hotels with in-room kitchens?

If you prefer to cook your own food for your family and children, then you can refine your search to looking for such facilities in hotels.

Choice of rooms

Depending upon your budget, you must decide whether you want to stay in a simple or cheap hotel, budget hotel or a luxury hotel. Your choice must be clear before looking for them in websites.


If you are particular about Wi-Fi access, laundry, room service, fitness centers, free breakfast, in-house swimming pool and others like star ratings, then you could see for such hotels offering these in websites like This could greatly help refine your search.

Start your search for best hotels

Search travel websites

You look out for best hotels in websites like or To find family-friendly hotels, you can search in exclusive travel websites like ciao bambino.

You should visit other hotel booking websites like Expedia for more information and if budget is your main concern, and then you can bid for a low price at websites like Priceline where you will not know the name of your hotel till you make a booking in the hotel.

Contact the hotel directly or book through Hotels website

If you want to find more and direct information about hotels, you can call the hotel directly and ask your questions. Sometimes you get good discounts and special offers when you book online through the hotel`s website. You can learn about their exclusive deals and discounts when you call them directly.

Read reviews

You can also see local guidebooks and other travel magazines for better knowledge about hotels. It is always best to check for customer reviews in various websites to check the authenticity of hotels.  They help you to avoid hotels that promise accommodation and do not measure up to them.

Hotel Tips
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