Top Ten Architectural Buildings You Have To See

Architects around the world have created great buildings that have acquired global importance for many reasons. They may not be contemporary in style but rather modern with aesthetic designs and asymmetry which never leaves one without wondering of its greatness!

Bilbao Guggenheim, Spain

The renowned Guggenheim Museum is an architectural marvel by the California-based architect Frank Gehry.

Set along the flowing Nervion, this museum showcases the creative artworks of artists of the twentieth century to the current times.

It was opened in 1997 to the general public and stands as a wonder in the city of Bilbao, as the greatest building of the Modern Era.

An extraordinary piece of architecture by Guggenheim Foundation!

Harpa Concert and Conference Hall

This extraordinary Concert Hall in the capital city of Reykjavik in Iceland was designed by Henning Larsen Architects and artistic knowledge rendered by Olafur Eliasson.

It has received many awards for its architectural marvel and design and is well known for its world`s best concert halls and best acoustics.

Situated on the east harbor of Reykjavik, this 43 m building that is made of glass and steel, reflects the sun and the city due to its three-dimensional characteristic.

The varying colors reflected on the building by day and night is due to the effect of light on the glass exteriors, the open sky and blue waters.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It is the tallest building in the world built by Adrian Smith. He was inspired by Hymenocalis when he designed the majestic Towers- a flower of perfect dimensions.

With its multilevels, this famous tower is used for commercial spaces and earns great revenue from tourists visiting this site to have a view from the highest level possible. It symbolizes modern Dubai, thus making it the most wanted travel destination each year.

Swiss Re Building, London

It is now called Gherkin designed by Foster and Partners. It is a skyscraper building that resembles a bullet in the center of the London city, giving it a mesmerising look. This office tower is a modern skyscraper of light and dark glass with forty-one story’s to accommodate commercial and business offices.

Spaceport America – USA

It is an iconic spaceport in New Mexico built for those who wish to have space travel. The great designs in this piece of architecture make one filled with wonder. Built by Foster and Partners, it takes architecture to a new level altogether.

Indoor Golf Arena, Amsterdam

This outstanding enterprise is a gift for golfers around the world and for the Danish. It is the world`s largest indoor golf center with synthetic grass designed by Zwarts and Jansma architects.

With its mesmerizing architecture, it is also an environment-friendly golf area attracting millions of tourists and golfers across the world.

Liege Guillemin`s TGV Station, Belgium

It is a railway station built by the Architect Santiago Calatrava reflecting an unimagined architectural elegance and marvel in the city of Liege.

With the backdrop of the Cointe Hills, this station connects Liege to the major cities of Europe, thus making rail travel a pleasurable one.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

This ambitious garden project was launched in 2012 to create a unique garden landscape with trees and plants from different countries of Mediterranean and tropical climates. Astoundingly, they are grown here in these air-conditioned conservatories spread across a vast area.

It was the mastermind project of Architect Wilkinson Eyre which brings into its conservatories flora and fauna of varied nature due to its cooling systems.

The beauty of the place and greenery is a visual treat to any person thus making Singapore, a longed for travel destination.

Metropol Parasol, Spain

This is the world`s largest wooden structure in Seville where the inspiration was from the cathedral in Seville. The architect of this amazing timber project was Jürgen Mayer H, who was called upon to erect this galactic structure to provide shade from the hot sun of Seville and create more public space for citizens of Seville.

The parasols are held together by polyurethane resin which can withstand hot temperatures. It is an amazing structure with markets, museums, restaurants, bars and shopping plaza that has emerged from an excavated archaeological site.

Guangzhou Opera House, China

This world famous piece of extraordinary architecture of cultural marvel is in the province of Guangzhou. The architects Zaha Hadid designed this 1800 seated capacity concert hall to provide cultural entertainment to the people from home and from over the world.

Some of the inspirations drawn by the architects who designed this cultural facility in Guangzhou along the Pearl Rivers are the pebbles. One can see the smooth effect on the interiors of the opera house similar to that of pebbles.

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