Top 5 Romantic Destination in the World

What does romance mean to you? Or let me say, how well do you express it? Sometimes we dream of scenic locations where we have ourselves alone with our partner and the whole world is left far behind. The simplistic architecture of romance could be embedded in travel where you can do a lot of romantics things together as a couple.

Some places in the world offer luxe experiences, inspiring itineraries and world best hotels and restaurants curated to ignite that passion. As unique as this may seem, Airfare Centre helps you to get the cheapest airfare deals to these destinations. You do not need to break a bank to have a feeling of tranquillity and peaceful retreat. Here are some of the best holiday destination where you can express your romantic feelings effortlessly.

1. Venice, Italy

For a destination that translates to romance, Venice in Italy still ranks as one of the best places to visit in Italy. It’s called a floating cit because it is a large city built on a large body of water. The picturesque canals in the floating city are no shortage of great attraction. Not only this but also the art museums that gives inspiration and the beachside that is nothing but romantic all through.

To have a proper romantic getaway, you can visit Bridge of Sighs, San Polo neighbourhood where you can have a gondola ride, Venetian Tunnel of Love where the sun never penetrates, Clock Tower and Saint Mark’s Square. Also, enjoy as many Venetian cuisines as possible.

2. Santorini, Greece

When holiday destinations are being mentioned, people tend to forget about Greece. For a destination that does not seem to be so popular, the unspoilt ambience of this destination continues to attract those that really value quality. Santorini in Greece is a romantic paradise famed for its dramatic landscape and multi-coloured cliffs. The sunset here alone is romantic and there are unique views which have become couples favourite. You will definitely be left in awe by a lovely city such as this. You can go hiking together, volcano tours or beach hopping.

3. Big Sur, California

The natural beauty Big Sur has to offer in itself oozes every form of romance, the climate here cooperates so well. It’s a low key holiday destination with a perfect setting for pictures. You can take the long road on the on the Nacimiento Trail where you can have an ultimate view of the city. Worthy of mention is the exotic cuisines that are being offered her. Your holiday with your partner can never go wrong in Big Sur.

4. Zanzibar, Tanzania

So what did you hear about Africa? Far-flung from the news we get to see on our media pages, Africa still has the most beautiful places that speak romance at its peak. For some awe-inspiring safari relaxation and romantic getaway, Zanzibar in Tanzania has the best to offer. You could take a tour around the unspoilt beaches as you sail along the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. You can have blissful privacy right here with your partner as there are plenty of places to see. For that romantic holiday, Zanzibar is truly a place to be.

5. Comporta, Portugal

As a preferred destination for newlyweds, it is no secret Comporta spells romantic sophistication. It is a seaside getaway that highlights a vast selection of sparkling places. It is one of the places where you can feel totally relaxed in a sublime setting. Munch on the culinary delights in the lovely restaurants located here.

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