Top 5 places to visit in Ireland

Culmination of culture, enthralling landscapes, historic palaces, and majestic mountains, visiting Ireland means transcending into a state of bliss and magic.

If Alice had been a real character, then Ireland would have been her wonderland. With places that seem to stop the time from Cliffs of Moher to Ring of Kerry the country has so much to offer that the visitors will forget the count of the surprises they will encounter wherever they go.

Turn into a temporary monk with the tranquility that Connemara offers and get awakened by this state of peace at the clubs of Dublin. Experience the richness of culture and feel the warmth of welcoming Irish smiles.

Although your bucket list will keep increasing once you will land in this splendidly breathtaking island, but to lessen the burden to choose from too many options, here is a list of places that you just can’t miss out come what may.


Connemara, ireland tourist attractions

Located distantly, Connemara has been able to keep the Irish culture intact. Suck in the beauty of this beautiful landscape by driving through it as Connemara is all about feeling the breeze passing through your hair and dissolving yourself in a sea of numerous possibilities.

Stroll through the lonely valleys, hike in the Maumtrik Mountains, bike along the stoned walls, take a dive in the beaches, Connemara is capable of leaving an indelible mark on your mind and at the end of your vacation you may find yourself with a yearn to never leave this place.    

Giant’s Causeway:

Giant’s Causeway ireland

As the name suggests, Giant’s Causeway is a series of gargantuan rocks that fill the landscape with its magnetic beauty that refuses to let go the gaze of the beholder. These hexagonal shaped rocks seem to be designed by the Giants and because of this unique story that arouses the interest of the visitors, this place has been added in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Galway City:

Galway City ireland

Not a fan of serenity of mountains, no problem as Ireland is like a multicuisine restaurant that satiates everyone’s taste buds. Visit the city of Galway bustling with music, art, theatre and handicrafts.

Love music? Enjoy the traditional music sessions in a number of cafes and bars are spread in the entire city.

Known for International festivals, Galway is a city that worships arts which is quite evident from its amazingly painted pubs. The city can amaze you with its laidback yet cosmopolitan nature at the same time and you will be left craving for more.


Dublin tourist attractions

At Dublin, you don’t see the menu as Dublin as a city is an extensive menu of places to hang-out. Though it won’t stand a chance among the other pleasures that Ireland offers but only the vibe of being in Dublin is enough to get you a hangover. The diverse culture that it boasts also comes from its international colleges like TCD Dublin where students from around the globe come to study.

Ring of Kerry:

Ring of Kerry tourist attractions

Visiting Ring of Kerry is like validating your tour of Ireland. It is also one of the most famous and most visited sites in the Ireland.

It’s a road that takes you from deep forest to the crashing waters of the wild Atlantic. Pristine white beaches and a fabulous view of countryside can be enjoyed with just drive of this 179km circular stretch. This stretch will perfectly end your travel as you will experience the whole Ireland in a platter, from winding roads to dense forests, from the wilderness of Atlantic to the holiness of a monastery. 

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