Top 10 Traditional Countries to visit for Vacation

Vacation is a time to spend happily and to be with yourself and your family. Visiting new places of interest always awakens a sense of curiosity and wonder in us. When we decide to visit places that are free of western impact and more of culture and traditions of that particular region, it means it will be more than a holiday. You desire to have a greater and deeper experience with your holiday when you blend your senses to the rich and varied expressions of a different culture, art, architecture and religion, native to that country.


Japan is a traditional country known for its rich art, culture and history. You can have a visit to the samurai towns and samurai castles in Tokyo, Osaka,and Nagoya with many historic buildings. Shinto shrines and Kami gods are famous in Japan for good fortune like the Imperial Shrine, Inari Shrine, Sengen Shrine and many more to see. Buddhist temples like 3-storied pagoda Kofukuji in Nara, temple in Mount Koya are a must see. Japan is known for , Geisha, Onsen or natural hot springs, great gardens, flowers like cherry blossoms called sakura, and volcanoes.  Visit Japan to have a taste  of tradition.


A wonderful country with a blend of culture, heritage and tradition with historical attractions that leaves you spellbound. Opulent palaces, ornate temples, ancient ruins, sandy beaches, huge revered figures of Buddha, can all be seen in Thailand- Land of Smiles.Koi Samui Island, Ayuthaya Park, Chiang Mai Temple, Namtok  Mae Sa, Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Wat Saket and many more to see. It is a Buddhist country rooted deep in mysticism and oriental arts. The thai cuisine is world famous for its culinary tastes and exotic flavors. See them all here.


It is the capital of Egypt known for its rich cultural life. Situated on the banks of river Nile, it is the largest city in  Africa. It is a home to ancient architectural monuments, hundresds of medieval mosques, narrow winding streets, crowded bazaars, Coptic museum, Coptic churches and Coptic Christian community. Pyramids of Giza,  Citadel of Saladin, Sakkara, Al- Muallaka or hanging church, Cairo Tower are some of the popular places out there.


It is the capital of Holland that still retains its medieval charm of the 17th century architecture and culture. With more than 60 museums, travel to this place can make you feel nice and happy. Anne Frank House, Van Gogh museum, Beurs Van Berlage, Tuschinski Theater,Museum Het Schip are famous places to see. It is famous for its canals and the famous district, Herengracht.


It is known for its cultural diversity and richness of different ethnic origins. It has the most number of Archaeological sites in the world. You can visit the famous Anatolia, Temple of Artemis, City Of Troy, Cave Church Of St. Peter and many more marvels.

6.Lima, Peru

Peru is known for its ancient civilizations, the Andean and Incan that have left a legacy of archaeological marvel and intangible heritage. Lima is a world heritage site that attracts those interested in colonial monuments, archaeological structures, museums, handicrafts, birds and beaches. Visit Lima for a Cultural experience.


It is known for its Khmer kings, Angkor Empire, Khmer culture, and a s renowned temple city. Temple at Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh City, Banteay Chhmar Temple are some of the places to see. It is a land of wonder and mesmerism.

8.Jaipur, India

It is the city of palaces, which reflect Mughal and rajasthani architecture. Also known for its colourful bazars and timeless pieces of artefacts, heritage hotels, gardens and parks, Jaipur is the most happening place to be in. City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Govindji Temple are famous tourist spots.

9.Sri Lanka

A place for festivals and celebrations of cultural and religious significance, around the year!  The Vesak festival, Katargama Esala Festival, Sri Pada Pilgrimage, Poson Festival,Kandy Esala Perahera are important times to take part in the celebration.


Visit Greece to see the historic sites of Santorini, Parthenon,Meteora, Mykonos and many others.

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