Top 10 Island Destinations that Make our Trip Unforgettable

When it comes to vacations, the choices of destinations prove to be very important. Island destinations can be great fun, if you choose to visit those listed below with your family. Amidst picturesque sceneries, water and sand all over, golden rising and setting of sun, moonlit beaches, the holidays become moments to be cherished forever.

1.Tenerife, Spain

It is one of the seven Canary Islands in Spain and receives a lot of tourists across the world for its extraordinary settings. A trip to the National Park, `Las Canadas Del Teide`, that gets you to see  snowcapped Teide, highest mountain in Spain with an elevated Volcano with impressive landscapes and amazing views. Loro Park has the highest number of Parrots in the world, wide collection of many species of rare birds and animals and a penguin enclosure. You can also take a cruise to watch Dolphins and whales of the Atlantic Ocean.

2.Saba, Dutch West Indies       

She is the queen of the Caribbean, untouched by the modern world where you take a glimpse of whales and dolphins swimming across the azure waters, birds flying down to catch fishes jumping up the waters. Lush vegetation, idyllic gingerbread houses, lovely villages, tropical rain forests with flora and fauna make it a place to visit once a lifetime. It is a paradise for scuba diving making it the best spots for diving in the world.


It is a paradise with deep blue waters with naturally occurring corals with a year of tropical climate. Tall coconut trees, warm sunsets, azure lagoons, crystalline sands make it a destination to dream of. Visit Maldives to get the experience of nature at its best with incredible underwater life.

4.Isle of Skye, Scotland

This beautiful island known for its fossils, brochs, and castles is the famous island destination that one must visit. The main attractions in Skye are the Scottish castles of Clan Macdonald and Clan Macleod. Boat trip to nearby islands will help you see whales, otters, dolphins and picturesque sceneries all along. Hiking the Cuillin Mountains and kayaking the seas make your time worth spending every second. Scottish villages are a visual treat to watch and revel and listen to Gaelic music.

5.Naxos, Greece

This island in the Aegean Sea surrounded by turquoise waters, sandy bays, shiny white sands, is famous for its famous Naxian wine. It is one of the islands of Cyclades with Mt. Zeus  with olives, figs, grapes, citrus fruits. Biking routes around these mountains of Zeus and Fanari fill you with much excitement, Venetial castles, lush green landscape, cobblestone pathways, old churches, Temple of Apollo`s marble gate are some of the impressive things about Naxos.

6.Capri, Italy

This island near Naples, Italy is known for its varied flora and fauna with Mediterranean bush found diffused in many areas of the island.  Wide Sorrento mountain ranges, rich marine life, albatrosses, bright landscape are things that are not be missed in this island. Hiking to Mt. Tiberio and Mt. Solara is possible during the summer months with mild Mediterranean climate.


Group of 115 coral islands with main island as Mahe is a stunning destination. Vallee de  Mai is an attraction to tourists worldwide. Situated east of Kenya has beautiful beaches, thick green jungles, stretchy coral reefs, azure water. You can taste creole cuisine, enjoy diving, snorkeling in the world`s best and richest fishing territory.

8.Tahiti, French Polynesia

A tropical destination with a collection of 118 islands and popularly called as Queen of the Pacific. April to the month of November is ideal time to visit Tahiti for scuba diving and whale watching. Months of July and August are ideal for hiking and sailing. Yacht adventure, catamaran sail around the islands of Tahiti make your stay adventurous and fun.


Palm lined beaches of Srilanka make it ideal for yachting, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving and many of the sports activities. Waves of Unawatuna thrill you the most and Surfing in Arugambay make you love the deep waters of the breathtaking lagoon.


Tranquil island with long coastlines in Turks and Caicos has plenty to offer. Grace Bay, Alexandra Marine Park, conch farm form major attractions in this island destination of Atlantic Ocean.

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