Top 10 Beach Hotels in the World

Beach destinations have always been popular during vacations among many. Beaches promise fun and a lot of activity like swimming, sunbathing, just walking by the sands, night at the beach side is just a great time if the tides are not high to disturb normal life. Children play in the sand, collect sea shells, corals if any and other marine objects they can find. There are many things that one can find to do out there in the sands of the golden beach. Some of the popular beach destinations are:

1. Four Seasons, Maui, Hawaii

Hawaiian beaches are considered to be the best in the world with the best luxury beach resorts. Experience Four Seasons at Maui in the Wailea Beach. Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii with lush valleys, magnificent reef, long coastline, snorkeling adventure, green turtles, windsurfing, and wide flora and fauna. This property has 381 rooms overlooking the ocean with tall palm trees, blue pools, spa , kids activity club that has snorkel equipment, free game room and many more.

2.Kuta Beach, Bali,  Indonesia

Kuta beach is famous for its white sands and the best place to see sun set on the horizon. It would be an ideal holiday destination with a lot of sports activities like jet skiing, swimming, sunbathing, sail in banana boats, enjoying cruises to nearby islands, underwater dives to see tropical fishes and marine life. Some of the best hotels here are Best Western Kuta Villa, Grand Istana  Rama Hotel.

3.Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort, French Polynesia

French Polynesia is called Tahiti, which is eight hours from Los Angeles. Tahiti`s island groups ,Bora Bora is the world`s most beautiful island. Emerald waters, hibiscus covered valleys, white sand beaches with palms, colored fish, sprawling resorts, beaches and many more. One can explore the lagoon waters with a catamaran sailboat, do snorkeling, diving, skiing, and also hike and shop for artifacts.

4.One &Only Hayman Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

It is a great beach resort to spend your time, to experience Great Barrier Reef. It is famous for its marine wonders and stretches along the coast of Queensland to around 3000 kms. This resort offers a lot of activities like snorkeling, watching marine plants and animals through adventures deep inside. You can also have helicopter tours of the Great Barrier Reef as the underwater world can be seen from afar.

5.Turtle Beach, Barbados

This Caribbean Island is known for its night life of reggae, jazz and is filled with natural wonders. Tropical plants, Harrison`s natural cave, churches, romantic getaways, horse riding, golf, beaches, rock formations, cascades of foam of the Atlantic, walk to St . Lawrence Gap is all one can do at Barbados.

6.San Juan, Puerto Rico

This beach destination has a number of hotels and resorts with sailing yacht charters, scuba and snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, water sports, fishing charters, wild life tours. It is truly amazing to be here for a holiday.

7.Kailico Beach Resort, Haiti

Haiti is the most relaxing beach destinations of the world. It is a magnificent setting with creole architecture in cote des Arcadins with amazing sunsets and ocean views.

8.Curacao Beach Resort

In the South Caribean Sea, this island draws a large number of tourists for its rich underwater world. The reefs, crystal clear waters, Mambo beach, Seaquarium, Dolphin Academy are visually appealing and a must try.

9.Matachica Resort, Belize

It is 5kms from San Pedro, Central America with the world`s second largest coral reef. Turquoise sea, relaxing spa treatments, scuba diving are some things you can do here.

10.Tokoriki Island, Fiji

In the Mamanuca islands of Fiji, you can do paddle boarding, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, take a trip to the nearby Sacred Islands. There are fresh water swimming pools found here, glass bottom water boat rides, and many more to enjoy and have fun. Indulge in the fun. This island resort is in the Fiji islands in the South Pacific.

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