Top 10 Adventure Destinations in the World

Adventurers would like to explore nature and choose destinations that promise them with such sort of fun. These tourists crave more adventure, yearn for more activity based recreation and do not settle with just sightseeing. That would be engaging in activities like trekking, skiing, snorkeling, taking safari rides, water rafting, biking and many more.

Best Skiing Destination – Switzerland`s Alpine Skiing

The Swiss Alps are known for Skiing as they are a home to a large number of glaciers with the famous the Matterhorn soaring to 4,478 mts.  The famous ski resorts in Switzerland are in Verbier, Saas, and Zermatt. The most prestigious ski resort is at St. Moritz. The long descents of the valleys, enchanting Mountain View give the skiers an adventure they crave for. The Alpine ice from the glaciers offer the adventure seekers the fun to glide along the valleys of amazing descents.

Marvelous Hiking Destination – Fjords, Norway

The Fjords of the western Norway are rated as the world`s best destinations for travel and adventure. Hiking in places like Aurlandsdalen Valley is a very popular activity.  The path to hiking 20km long that starts at Osterbo mountain and ends at Vaasbygdi. Another classic hiking place in Norway is over Besseggen Bridge.

Best Place for Snorkeling – Australia`s Great Barrier Reef

You can maximize your adventure experience in the waters of Great Barrier Reef in Australia, swim with the fishes, dive deep waters to explore the corals of the Reef.  With snorkeling activity underwater, you will be able to catch a glimpse of different species of fishes that fill you with wonder thereby giving you an exhilarating experience.

Best Safari Experience – Africa

For ultimate safari experience, you must visit the country in Africa when the animals migrate in numbers to places where they can be spotted in groups and in large numbers. For example, to enjoy sighting of Zebras, migrating wildebeest, gnu`s in large numbers around water bodies, then January is the right time to visit countries in Africa like Kenya and Uganda.  You can see African elephants and other wildlife at Chobe and Kruger, Serengeti in Tanzania.

Best Water Rafting Destination – River Colorado

Amidst the rocky mountains of Colorado of Grand Canyon, flows the magnificent River Colorado winding its way through the wilderness of the mountains thus providing the best rafting vacation that one can have. Some of the famous water rafting vacations like Grand Canyon Vacation,  Southwest Sampler take place  in the midst of this scenic wonder and picturesque setting.

For Exciting Adventure Trips- Yosemite National Park

It is a place of adventure that is nestled in the midst of Western Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges of California.  It is the place for fun packed outdoor activities like: camping and backpacking, biking and cycling, rock climbing and many more to do.

Best Mountain Adventure Destination – Machu Picchu

Wonders of Inca Civilization, Cultures surrounding Cusco and Sacred Valley, ruins, museums, local markets are some things to be seen in Machu Picchu. People take the walking trail of the Mountain to the top of Machu Picchu from a place called Km 82, Cusco. On the top, one sees Sun Gate as soon as they reach the summit, Intihuatana, an astronomical clock, extraordinary Sacred Temple of the Sun of architectural marvel.  You can also sight llamas and alpacas and hike the mountain of Huayna Picchu.

Things to do here is not to miss the watching of sunrise and sunset on the ruins. One must be prepared to stay here overnight to take a look at this grand spectacle. Taking a train ride from Cusco to Machu Picchu is a one of wonder never to miss. Delve in adventure amidst the ruins.

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