The Best Stores for Buying and Gifting Gourmet Cakes & Chocolates in Dubai

Cakes are an essential centerpiece of any party or special occasions because who doesn’t love a sweat treat? They’re delicious, festive and make a great decoration. Not to mention that the cake-cutting part is the most important part of any occasion. Gourmet cakes make a wonderful gift for any occasion and are guaranteed to make the recipient happy. What’s so great about cakes is that there are a variety of types of cakes and desserts from chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, vanilla cakes, caramel cakes, red velvet cakes and so many more to suit all tastes at the party. Here are the best stores for gifting gourmet cakes in Dubai:


Godiva is an international premium chocolatier that has been producing quality chocolates for decades since they were founded in Belgium in 1926.  They offer a wide range of chocolates with rich and innovative flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. Godiva offers a range of other products such as truffles, coffee, cheesecakes, gift baskets, ice cream and so many more. Send the best gourmet chocolates to your friends, family, business partners, colleagues or for a wedding, special event or party.


If you’re looking for gourmet Arabian flavored chocolates, then Kaman is the way to go. Their chocolate is made from Belgian and French Ghee to ensure a delicious and rich flavor. They also offer a range of sweets such as choco roches, choco flakes and baklava. A perfect choice for those with refined taste.

Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia is one of the best bakeries worldwide. It was founded 20 years ago and has been offering a range of delicious desserts and treats such as cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cupookies, red velvet cakes, cheesecakes. Their experts use the highest quality ingredients to guarantee a mouth-watering flavor you will never forget.


The expert chocolate makers at chocoMe make premium chocolate with perfect style, recipe and taste by using gourmet high quality ingredients. They avoid mass production by preparing every bar of chocolate by hand. To this day, they have created millions of different combinations and luxury flavors to suit every taste. They continuously strive to be creative and innovative in their chocolate making to have a unique quality that no other chocolatier has.

Maxim’s de Paris

Maxim’s is a French brand that is known throughout the world for their unique and unprecedented tastes. If you would like to gift someone the gift of France, then Maxim’s is your best choice. It’s elegant, full of flavor and truly unforgettable. The perfect way to impress a client. Order Maxim’s online in Dubai.


If you’re looking for gourmet cakes, chocolates and cupcakes in Dubai, check out for a wide range of desserts from top luxury dessert makers like Rue Vendome, Godiva, Forrey & Galland, Mirzam, Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolates, SugarMoo. Your gift will be delivered to the recipient in no time by their friendly joi agents with the fastest gift, cake delivery in Dubai.

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