Reasons to Stay Secure in Hotels

While booking hotels, always see to the security position of the hotel before checking on the rates and amenities. Like if there is a police station nearby, the location of the hotel, is it a safe place to walk in the dark, if they have 24 hour call desk, if there are security guards and surveillance cameras fitted in and around the premises of the hotel.

Things to do before leaving for a trip

While leaving home for a vacation, make two copies of your passport, credit cards, airline tickets and other important documents front and back. One should be given to your family and other should be carried with you in person carefully. Always have an eye on your baggage and your wallet while travel.

What to see in a hotel while booking a room

Choose a hotel that has modern electronic guest room locks. See if each room has a dead bolt lock and a peephole

Elevators in parking garages should not lead the guests to the floors but rather to the lobby.

Best hotels have honest staffs that do not give out your name or room number to ensure safety of their guests. But it does not always happen like this. Names do get leaked out. So ask the front desk personnel not to call out you room number aloud or divulge your details without your prior knowledge.

Avoid ground floor rooms as it easy for thefts to take place. Robbers find it easy to break in the ground floor rooms. Ask for rooms between third to sixth floors for best security reasons as suggested by experts. In case of fire breaks, fire engines find it easier to reach these floors in comparison to the rest.

What should you do to be safe in a hotel room?

  • Always verify the person ringing the bell at your hotel room door. Don`t answer till you verify the details and call the front desk to get matters clarified on their staff.
  • Keep your credit card from the gaze of others especially in check in counter. Collect it immediately after use to prevent any misuse.
  • Keep the room keys carefully and do not display it openly for security reasons and to prevent theft of any sort.
  • Once you enter your suite, it is important to ensure safety by locking the door always when inside and when outside too. Make use of all the locking facilities available in the room for total safety.
  • Avoid entertaining strangers into your hotel suite for any reasons. It is best to talk to them if necessary from outside the room and never opt to get them inside your place of stay. It can prove to be highly dangerous and pose security threat. If any problem persists, call the front desk for help.
  • If any window or doors or sliding doors are connected to other rooms, by chance, then ensure it is closed or locked.
  • Avoid display of cash or valuables at any time in your stay at the hotel. It is best to put them in in room safe or in your luggage carefully locked.
  • When returning late at night after sightseeing or any other vacation activity in the hotel premises or outside, keep a close watch on the surroundings, take the main entrances always and stay at well-lit places to keep danger at bay.
  • If you notice anything suspicious, bring it to the notice of the hotel staff or those in authority to be ensure safety.
  • Take time to see where the nearest exit is or fire extinguisher is to handle emergencies efficiently, while at a hotel. Booking in a best hotel will ensure you of high quality security and safety standards to meet emergencies of any kind, which will be otherwise impossible to find in mediocre rentals.
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