How to Make a Day Wonder in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India has all the reasons to be called as the capital. Delhi one day tour package was not less than a one day wonder in Delhi. Delhi has everything, good food, good shopping, good places, good people and everything that one can long for in a dream tour. You can walk in Delhi in the evenings, you can travel in four wheelers, you can use metros for transportation; Delhi gives you all the convenient options to travel and to stay. You would get hotels or apartments to stay for one day or more at reasonable prices.

We started the day with Qutub Minar. It was built by the first Sultan of Delhi Qutb-ud-Din Aibak. It was very strong. We also saw Alai Minar, Alai Darwaza Gate, the Iron pillar, ruins of Jain temples and the tombs of some rulers. We found the fine work of Indo-Islamic architecture.

After this, we were offered to have lunch but we were more excited to see some other places as well.  So we postponed lunch and went to India Gate. It is a memorial to Indian soldiers of British Army. 70,000 soldiers died during the First World War. Till date also, whenever Delhi people want to take some march and convince the government for some sensitive issue, they take the march to India Gate itself.

The next on the itinerary was lunch at a beautiful hotel. The lunch was mouth watering. After this we were taken to Khan Market and Chandni Chowk for some shopping if needed. It was nice. There were many other options including religious places. So we decided to visit at least 2 places. One was Akshardham and the other was Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is one of the best Gurudwaras of the country. There is divinity over there. It was clean everywhere. The ‘Kana Prasad’ in Hindi and sort of ‘Porridge’ in English had a different taste from the one cooked at home. It was magical. We had a lot peace there. We also liked ‘Sarovar’ inside the Gurudwara.  

Then we went to the major tourist attraction of Delhi. There were so many lights there as we reached in the evening. What a beauty it was! It exhibits proper Hindu culture. The architects have been successful in bring out the spirituality of a person. It was opened in 2005.

Over all it was a great day, we came to know many things about the history of India and its courageous rulers. The architectural magic and the management of the government and the people both amazed us. Then at the end of the day we took car rental Delhi to Agra. Its services were good. It was pretty convenient. Even after the day’s tour in Delhi from place to another, we were not tired in the car for a long time. There was music in the car, there were curtains, etc. So, we were all cozy in the car. It was really a wonder in Delhi and then to Agra.

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