Hammock, Tent, or Hammock Tent: What You Need to Know about the Basic Camp Gears

Nowadays, it is becoming more common for campers to debate whether it is better to sleep in a hammock or a tent. The introduction of hammock tents, however, seem to put this argument to bed, at least for now.

Hammock tent backpacking is a recent innovation for camping among Americans. This type of camping involves the use of a hammock tent for sleeping. So, if you are fixed in a quandary about making a choice between sleeping in a hammock or a tent, this article is for you.

That said, there are different types of sleeping gears that can be included in your hammock tent backpack. Either you go with a tent, or a hammock, or a hammock tent. While these terms may be clear to many, let’s clarify the differences for the sake of the uninitiated few.

What is a hammock?

A hammock is a camping gear that’s used for sleeping. It is basically a bed of rope netting or canvas that is hung between two trees.

The main advantages of a hammock include affordability, enhanced comfort, ease of setup, versatility, and portability. The downsides, however, include lack of protection against the weather, lack of room for more users, and the high risk of falling from it.

What is a tent?

Like a hammock, a tent is a camping gear made of canvas and is used for sleeping. However, unlike a hammock, a camping tent has a covering or shelter for the occupants.

Sleeping in a tent offers the advantages of larger accommodation, protection from the elements, and greater warmth during cold seasons. However, using a tent makes you prone to flooding during rainfall, and setting up a tent can take longer than setting up a hammock.

What is a hammock tent?

A hammock tent, or tent hammock, is a combination of a hammock and a tent. You can define a hammock tent as a hammock with a protective covering, or as a tent that can be suspended between trees.

A hammock tent, which is also called a tree tent, takes away the cons of a tent and a hammock, and fuses their distinctive advantages.

Sleeping in a hammock or sleeping in a tent? A hammock tent offers the best of both worlds

We have already mentioned some of the advantages of each type of camping gear. Now, let’s consider which type of gear is preferable for sleeping.

Sleeping in a tent is more enjoyable because you’ll be bringing along a sleeping bag in your backpack. A tent is also the most preferred when you’re camping as a group, as a tent offers a larger accommodation than a hammock or a hammock tent.

On the other hand, sleeping in a hammock is preferable when you want to sleep alone. And as we’ve already mentioned, the comfort of a hammock makes it a better choice for people who desire a good night’s sleep.

Hammock tents incorporate the shelter of a tent and the suspension of a hammock. This means that you’re protected from sneaky animals, and are guaranteed a comfortable sleep.


All being said, the choice of where to sleep while camping depends majorly on you (the camper). The topography and climatic condition of the proposed campsite should be a major consideration.

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