Electrical Safety Tips during Winter

Homeowners find that the use of electricity increases in the winter months and face many power issues due to heavy rains, strong winds. Staying indoors in the winter months results in increased consumption of electricity. Some of the electricity related problems faced during these months are power outages, fluctuations, and electrical hazards. Electrical appliances can be dangerous if not used properly. Taking few safety precautions and following basic electrical tips makes it possible for homeowners to stay safe and comfortable indoors.

Use Appliances Safely

Check kitchen appliances for frayed or damaged cords and plugs before use. Turning cooking and electrical appliances off after use can help prevent electrical hazards, keep you safe and save money on your energy bills.

Electrical appliances that are wet should not be plugged in or used until checked by a licensed electrical contractor or serviced by the manufacturer.

Get your AC`s cleaned and serviced and get it ready for the coming summer by availing air conditioning maintenance in Dubai. AC filters need to be cleaned every month. Check your ceiling fans and adjust your fridge thermostats.

Check the condition of wiring

Check periodically how the wiring in the house functions. It’s important to test your safety switch regularly to ensure it is working properly. Check your electrical panels, circuit breakers, sockets, switches by availing electrical services in Dubai and take their advice to repair or replace them if they are outdated.

Don’t Overload Electrical Outlets

Don`t overburden your existing sockets with multi-adaptor plugs or power-strips. Install extra electrical outlets by registered electricians.  Make sure not to overload the electrical circuits.

During an extended power outage, unplug your major appliances and turn off them. Also turn off light fixtures. Turning them off prevents damage to the appliances when power returns. When larger appliances are left on, they can cause an overload.

Protect Your Electrical Cords from Damage

Do not hide electrical cords and power strips behind furniture or under rugs because they could start a fire! Also avoid running heater extension cords under carpets or rugs. In order to prevent damage to equipment and electrical fires, plug expensive electronics into high-quality surge protectors

Have Your Heating System Inspected Regularly

Heaters are used extensively during winter months. To ensure that your heater is safe for use, check the power cords and plugs to see whether they are in good condition. If there are any wear and tear, throw them out. Remove dust or any debris or build-up from the heater filters by vacuuming them before using. In high traffic areas or in walkways, make sure not to leave your heater unattended. Do not plug into a power board, double adaptor or extension cord as it may cause overload to the circuit and cause a fire. It is important to have your heaters inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year.

You need to have your home`s electrical system inspected by an expert electrician who will help to identify potential problems that could occur during winter.

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