The Best Things to do in Paris, according to people who live there

Paris is a beautiful city laden with inexplicable charm and with deep rooted tradition and culture. This major city has more than what you see and hear in the books, big screen and glossy magazines. Anyone who visits Paris is familiar with climbing the Eiffel tower, cruising down the Seine, visiting the museum housing the famous Mona Lisa and eating a baguette along with wine. However, locals in Paris give us tips on how to make our visit to this famous city worthwhile and interesting.  This city that satisfies the needs of food lovers, culture addicts, fashionistas and those with many other interests is a must see. If you are planning a visit to Paris, use Paris travel guide to visit the places of interest and Paris trip planner helps to plan your itinerary well, much ahead of your visit.

Time your visit to Louvre

Louvre is an amazing place to visit during your trip and it is best to do so in the late night openings of Wednesday and Friday. Making a visit during these hours is nice as there is a lesser crowd in the museum and the atmosphere is amazing with a dark night out.

Visit other small, historic museums

Apart from visiting big museums like Louvre, The Pompidou Centre, The Musee d`Orsay, you can also visit lesser known museums like Victor Hugo museum, the Musee Jacquemart-Andre and Musee de la Vie Romantique.

Admire Eiffel Tower from a distance

Eiffel Tower is very crowded and locals don`t go near this marvelous architecture. They admire it from a distance. They advise you to admire its beauty and grandeur from viewpoints like around Louvre, on a rooftop bar, in front of a pantheon or on some of the bridges. From one of the city’s most amazing rooftop bars – the Raphael Terrace Restaurant, you get a great view.

Dine at Bouillon Pigalle

This trendy Bouillon close to Moulin Rouge is affordable and you get tasty French classics like oeufs mayo, poireau vinaigrette, pot au feu, pate en croute with good services.

Indulge in escargot at Du Pain et Des Idees

It is one of the best boulangeries in Paris. Taste their snail shaped flaky pastries with a variety of nutty, cheesy or fruity fillings. You must never miss a trip to this place for best escargots.

Enjoy cocktail hour

Parisians go to the river Seine as the weather warms up to enjoy a cocktail. Sit down by the river and enjoy wine and snacks. Or head to any terrace bar such as The Rosa Bonheur and St Martin’s Canal.

Picnic in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont

This 61 acre park is the city`s famous public space where you could spend strolling the grounds and visit Rosa Bonheur inside the park well known for its tasty tapas style dishes.

Skip Champ –Elysees

For shopping, opt to go to shopping districts like Saint-Germain des Pres and Marais. You can also try Le Printemps, close to Opera.

Things to do
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