The Best Things to Do in London, According to People Who Live There

Londoners, people who live in this fabulous city give us tips of how to best enjoy and explore the city. If you don`t want the tourist trail, then enjoy London like a local. To have such experiences of exploring London markets for vintage treasures or enjoying football during the late morning hours or partying in the night or just savouring culinary delights, you have everything here.  There are London Travel Guides who will take you around on such tours. You can also plan your trip using a London Trip Planner where you will find ideas of how to get the most of the city.

Walk to South Bank from Tate Modern

Just stroll from Tate Modern and grab a coffee on the riverside to the South Bank. You need not leave the riverside. If you walk towards the east, you reach London Bridge and if you opt to go west, you reach Waterloo.

Avoid Leicester Square because of expensive pubs and M&M World for its expansive space. Londoners advise us to go to these places.

Walk to Buckingham Palace from Piccadilly Circus

Visit the cocktail bar at the Ritz restaurant or take a selfie outside. For luxury shopping, shop at Fortnum &Mason. You can buy all kinds of condiments in this place

For a drink, head to Shard. Go to the viewing deck to have good views of the Tower Bridge and sip cocktails or have an espresso martini, as you immerse yourself in the perfect cool atmosphere.

Take an East End Walking Tour

East End has a lot to offer as they are a great way to get the feel of the city and its views. You can either take Jack the Ripper Tour or Street Art Tour of Brick Lane. You can`t beat the curry at Brick Lane and don`t forget to stop at the BYOB restaurants here. Avoid taking the tube as it is fully crowded. It is always best to walk as it gives you the chance to see many things across the streets.

Columbia Road

On a Sunday, Columbia Road Flower Market runs riot with different colour blooms and many Londoners will have a lager and take their dogs for a stroll down the road.

Queen Elizabeth Hall

On the South Bank, have a drink in the wild garden on the roof. A prosecco maybe, as your kids play and have fun watching the fountains here. If you are here on a Friday, you may be listening to some new age jazz band near the inside bar.

Eat fish and chips

While in London, people here advise you to eat fish and chips at The rock and Sole Plaice which is in the Endell Street near Covent Garden. You will enjoy the sights of this garden and a few steps from here, you have a great pub, The Cross Keys and grab a pint of beer and eat them along with your chips.

Hampstead Heath

Take a walk down this way on a lovely breezy Sunday and end it with a roast dinner in one of the restaurants there.

Primrose Hill

Lose your Saturday night hangover by taking a walk along this path and enjoy roast beef and Yorkshire puds here.

Borough Market

Go this market and visit the stalls here for sausage in a roll.


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