Benefits of Airport Duty Free Shopping

Duty free shopping is a serious business where sales have grossed over billions in duty free shops since its opening at the London Airport in 1959. Duty free shops are found in International Terminals, on Airplanes, Cruise Ships, at Sea Ports and along International Borders all over the World.

The name Duty Free implies tax free. Duty Free shops are those shops in the airports that sell products without duty or local import tax. It means the products sold do not carry locally imposed value added, excise and other sales taxes. However, this does not mean that the duty free stores give one the full benefit of tax breaks.

Duty free merchandising that includes tobacco, gold, cigarettes, alcohol, luggage, electronics, watches, pens, leather goods, perfumes, cigars, alcohol, jewellery is a cash cow for the airports.

Best Things to buy at Airport Duty Free Shops

Most of the items sold in duty free shops are products that are levied high taxes upon when sold in their country`s regular territory. Those sold at the duty free in the airports are the best bet in order to buy duty free. The items that help you secure the best deals are alcohol and tobacco.

Other products that can be good deals are high –end cosmetics, sunglasses, perfumes and Swiss chocolates as they come with good discounts. Liquor remains on the perennial top for travelers and especially for American travelers where tobacco and liquor are best duty free buys as these items carry high taxes when purchased in their own country.

The tax free haven at the Dubai International Airport is called Dubai Duty Free. It is the world`s biggest single airport retailer with sales over 1.82 billion dollars in 2016. You can find shops in all the terminals with a diverse product range from best alcohol brands.

Dubai Duty Free liquor prices are much cheaper and you can also compare prices online to get the best bargains. You should check out their website to know the prices of duty free items at Dubai. There are liquor shops in Dubai Duty Free at International Airport like Le Clos that offer the best brands whisky, champagne, cognac, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, beer and wine at best prices also you can order liquors online there using their website and get them delivered when you reach Dubai.

How to buy at Duty Free Shops

Always compare the prices on products that you wish to buy before making purchases from various websites. For example, if you are planning to buy perfume in Dubai while travelling from Chennai, first check to see whether buying in Dubai Duty Free is cheaper than buying in Chennai. If the airport offers a lower price or a better price then do make your purchase.

If you pre order your items online at Duty Free there are chances that you might enjoy 5-10 % discounts. Always check whether or not you can pre-order online and also compare prices online.

Best thing about airport shopping is tax free shopping to attract visitors. Make the most use of tax refunds and claim your refunds as different countries have different tax free schemes. Do your online research before making your purchases.

Be aware of duty free limits of the country you are travelling to before you start your shopping. Those visitors travelling to the UK from Dubai enjoy the following duty free allowances – 16 liters of beer and 4 liters of wine, 200 cigarettes, 2 liters of fortified wine, 1 litre spirits and 390 pounds worth of other goods like perfumes and souvenirs.

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