9 Important Skills that Every Hotel Manager Must Possess

Hotel managers are the ones running the daily operations. The sound of the work position may be fancy but it requires a lot work and expertise of the industry. They are required to be available at work almost 24/7 since it’s a hospitality industry, where people around the globe are coming in and going out.

These hotel managers are expected to manage both the staff and the guests as well while maintaining a smooth operation everyday. Successful managers require set of skills to execute everything that is expected from them.

Below are set of skills that every hotel manager should possess:

People skills

As hotel manager, he or she must be a people person with interpersonal skills to use when dealing with various sets of people including the clients and staff. in dealing with the guests’ problems, the hotel manager should have enough patience, tact, and understanding. Even when facing stressful situations, hotel managers should motivate the employees to execute their jobs well. Hotel managers require having the leadership talent as well understanding and solving conflicts. He or she also knows how to listen well and respond appropriately.

Organized with everything at work

Hotel managers are expected to multitask. They check guest relations, housekeeping, finances, maintenance, front desk, staff development, and finances. Hotel managers also oversee the food and beverage arrangements they offer, organizing projects, and tracking various schedules for the needs of the hotel. It’s a talent to do all these things in an organized manner.

Communication skills

Speaking, reading, and writing are all part of communication and hotel managers should possess that kind of skill. It’s essential that hotel mangers understand and comprehend industry journals, safety rules, HR rules, maintenance instructions, and safety rules. They must also know how to get their message across the board, making staff understand everything. In terms of writing company reports, problem solving summaries, and business letters, hotel managers should have a good grasp of grammar, style, and diction. Public speaking is also an important skill since the do presentations to company executives, staff, and customers.

Knows the financial aspect of the work

A skill in the finance aspect is also important for hotel managers. They are responsible for overseeing the bottom line of the staff. He or she helps in setting up hotel room rates, creating budget, approving the property expenses, and finding out the needed funds for different departments. Hotel manager is also keeping track of how much the hotel earns.

Keen on work details

Detailed oriented hotel managers know the safety concerns and everything about their guests. They should be more vigilant on what’s going on with the daily operation of the hotel – from the fresh flowers in the lobby to security of the guests. Hotel managers should constantly check if the goals and responsibilities of staff are not getting neglected.

Has strong leadership

Leadership means willing to listen to the staff, helps boosting the employee morale, decisive on resolving issues, and diligently assigning work responsibility to the staff. Hotel manager’s leadership should be felt by all employees and all unit of the company.

Decides quickly

It says that successful leaders are quick decision-makers. The one whole day of a hotel manager is filled with various activities – meetings, exchanges with staff, attending the guests’ needs, checking out the new recruits, meeting with suppliers, and more. Each meeting needs to have a decision right away and that is what hotel managers’ goal. They also empower the hotel staff to come up with a reasonable and desirable outcome for every problem. Hotel managers “make things happen” most of the time for the success of the hotel.

Gives reward to good work performance

If employees don’t receive praise and recognition for a job well done, it leads to unhappiness at work. Successful hotel managers must be active in measuring, recognizing, and acknowledging hard work and great work performers. Aside from that, hotel managers should also able to reward the employees’ effort in providing great service. These employees help the company to achieve its goals so it makes sense to recognize their effort – rewards can be a great motivator to do better at work.

Has the customer service skill

Travellers – both young and old – are the ones that keep the hotel business up and running. The quality of their stay is an integral part of the hotel’s reputation. Any dissatisfaction from the customers will leave bad impression and bad reviews both in real life and online. Hotel manager must lead an example in terms of customer service. Attending to the customers’ needs require interpersonal skills as well as offering reasonable solutions to the problems when it happened.

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