8 Tips for Your First Yacht Charter Experience

Chartering a yacht for the first time can be an incredible experience. It will be a time to explore most exquisite beaches, enjoy unlimited cruising freedom over mesmerizing clear-blue skies from the deck of the state of the art platform.  Given below are tips to know before embarking upon your journey in the yacht charter for the first time.

Professional crew

You need to have a professional crew to take the hard work of sailing out of your hands. There is a lot involved in sailing a yacht like steering a boat, keeping the deck neat and tidy, preparing meals, taking care of housekeeping tasks and docking at marinas. There may be situations where there may be repairs on the boat and which needs to be addressed. With plenty of chores to take care of on board, help from a professional crew will ease your journey as it will take out the stress of sailing.

Communicate with the crew

When filling out your preference sheet, you need to be clear of your desires and requests. To get the better of your vacation, you need to let the crew know of your food likes and dislikes and whether you want to anchor in ports or coves. You must talk to the captain who can provide you with excellent suggestions about the itinerary, unexplored places and hot spots. If you have any issues with the crew, you can always tell the captain about it to be sorted out.

Pack light

When you are on board a yacht in a dream destination, make sure you have swimsuits and travel with soft-sided luggage or a large duffel bag. As your luggage finds a place in below deck spaces, having bulky hard-top suitcases is a strict no. You can have a deck of cards or any other card game to play with others on board and having traditional play games is not a practical thing to do.

Leave your footwear at the entrance

The barefoot rule applies even to luxury yachts. Most yachts expect you to go barefoot as they are mostly teak decks which are expensive and fragile.

Right footwear

You need to bring rubber-soled boat shoes and sandals to prevent injury onboard as the surfaces of the boats are rubbery.

Make a meal plan

As you will be out in the seas, it is important to bring food and also plan your meals. Opt for food choices that are practical.

Be flexible on your itinerary

An itinerary is mostly dependent upon the weather. At times, weather or other risk factors can make the captain change the destination much against your usual itinerary. These destinations which may be alternative will also be fun and exciting and may not necessarily be in the tour books. Flexibility is needed to make the journey flexible.

Know the season

If you are taking a yacht charter in Croatia and want to make the most number of days lying on the deck or swimming in the sea, then the summer season is the right choice. It is also in this season, where you can participate in different activities in terms of sports and have different types of fun in the Adriatic Sea.

As you are on a holiday, relax and enjoy and be understanding to the crew. Watch the sun, water and picturesque landscapes for an immersive experience and take the stress out.

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