5 Ways to Make Holidays Better for Your Kids in Dubai

With the coming of holidays, it`s time to plan activities that will be fun and will keep them engaged. Holidays are times when we can bond with our children and also a time for rest from academic curriculum.  Holidays are not to be spent on endless watching of TV shows or playing only video games or indulging in mindless conversations or being on social media. Children can be taken on a vacation to different places of interest and also have time well –spent in learning new things and participating in some kind of sporting activity. They can engage in activities that will make them productive and creative.

Play indoor games

You can make your kids play indoor games like chess, carom, snakes and ladders or other word building games. This will keep the children occupied and entertained.

Join holiday camps

You can join your kids in holiday camps in Dubai which gives them the opportunity to participate in a range of sports and games and have fun. Playing games offers more benefits than just physical benefits.   Joining the kids in these camps ensures their complete participation and children learn the team spirit as they are always with a group of friends while playing games.

Join in a football academy

By joining your children in a football academy in Dubai, they are trained by coaches to learn the game. Football sessions will provide a platform for your children to develop their skills, confidence and understanding whilst enjoying the sport with their teams. Whilst playing the game, they improve their football skills, make new friends, stay healthy and have lots of fun. Sporting activity like football ensures an active lifestyle and also helps children develop a steady passion for discipline, motivation and commitment. Parents who enroll their children during the holidays will never regret having made that decision.

Join in a swimming academy

Swimming has many health benefits. Teach your children the art of swimming during their holidays. Join them in a swimming academy in Dubai as this gives them the opportunity to learn the sport. These places teach them to gain proficiency in all strokes like backstroke, butterfly stroke, side stroke, freestyle, breaststroke and inverted breaststroke. These places provide swimming classes for all ages and they teach all swimmers the basic water safety, confidence and independence in the pool.

Gardening and painting

You can also encourage your children to do some gardening and get in touch with nature. Children can be asked to plant herbs, flowers, shrubs in their small garden patches and watch them grow. They can have a dedicated space in your garden and can enjoy seeing how the plants grow. Gardening relaxes the mind and children grow up as healthier adults. Ask them to grow vegetables and eat them too. Ask them to grow flowers and arrange them in vases.

Painting is another art to express your child`s creativity. There are many places in Dubai who teach painting for children during summer holidays. Enroll your children in such art classes and watch your child do amazing works of art.

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