5 Remedies to deal with Bad Breath While Travelling

One of the biggest travel necessities of all times happens to be fresh breath and this is something that we almost always forget as we obsess with the phone chargers and spare pair of sandals. But staying alert about bad breath is very important as it happens to be surefire way to spoil any vacation moment.

When you are travelling on an airplane, sudden pressure changes can slow down the body functions and this includes the production of saliva. The lesser the production of saliva the more the bacteria. This leads to worse breath at a higher altitude.

Halitosis or bad breath also develops because of the eating habits of the people at the time of travelling. Many people increase the soda and fast food intake when they are on the go. This leaves food particles in the mouth that give rise to sulphur particles there which can trigger bad breath.

While some people make poor choices for meals, others simply don’t eat. These irregular meal times together with hunger can also cause halitosis.

Added to that, many travellers ignore their oral hygiene routine while travelling and this also leads to bad breath at the time of moving from one place to another. So here are some of the remedies to deal with bad breath while travelling. Just read on.

  • Travel Size Toothbrush with Toothpaste – Some airlines provide pocket-sized toothbrush and even small toothpaste packets for the longer flights. But you should not assume that you will get these bad breath necessities always. You should not also settle for anything less than what your mouth deserves, in this case.

Anytime you board the plane you won’t know if the size of the toothbrush head that they will provide is large or small, the amount of bristles on the toothbrush, how much toothpaste you will get, if the toothbrush has fluoride, the amount of toothpaste that you get and so on. Because of these uncertainties, you should choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles and is easy to clean the teeth and remove the bacteria in the healthy way.

Go for sodium fluoride toothpaste for bacteria removal. If halitosis is something that is quite common with you then go for toothpastes that contain chlorine dioxide, that kills the bacteria and neutralises the scented sulphur compounds that contribute to bad breath.

  • Clean Your Tongue – Stick out your tongue and look in the mirror. If it is pink, then you have got nothing to worry. But if there is a film, then you should know that it is bacteria and you need to remove them to drive away the bacteria. Brushing the teeth is not enough for this and you will need a tongue cleaner for the same. So, carry a tongue cleaner in your bag or the pocket as you travel. After eating all those delicious dishes including onion and garlic and coffee, tongue cleaning is a must.
  • Don’t Forget to Floss – Without floss, no daily oral care is complete. Hence if you want to fight bad breath while travelling ensure you floss between the teeth before or after brushing. The food particles, plaque and bacteria (that cause bacteria) keep lurking in the crevices between the teeth and the gums. Scrubbing with a toothbrush can remove some of these, but flossing is a must for the removal of these halitosis starters.
  • Alcohol-free Mouthwash – Foul breath often goes hand in hand with a dry mouth. This is because the dead cells and the bacteria in the mouth can get washed away by the saliva. And irrespective of whether you have something chronic like an autoimmune disease or have been coffee-fined, a non-alcoholic mouthwash kills the bacteria without drying the mouth and thus, freshens your breath up.
  • Sugar-free Chewing Gums – The sugar-free chewing gums help to fight the bad breath with the help of an ingredient called xylitol. This lowers the bacteria spread and enhances the saliva production to minimise the bad breath. However, chewing gum carries with it another perk for travelling via air. It helps to relive the airplane ears and the discomfort you feel from changing the cabin pressure at the time of flying. Hence don’t forget to carry chewing gums while flying.

The above are some of the things that you should consider to keep bad breath at bay while travelling. Apart form the above, it is a must that you book an appointment with the reputed and nearest dentist before travelling so that you can take care of any danger lurking in your mouth and do not have to face problem during your voyage.

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